What We Do

We care for your cat and keep them happy and healthy until you return

Cat Royale is Levin’s boutique, quality cattery. We want to ensure your cat is happy here at all times.  We are dedicated to providing first class accommodation. 

We specialise in spending quality time with your cat individually as part of our service as a boutique cattery. 

Whether your cat is staying for one night or several months, they will always receive top quality care throughout the day.


We like our customers to supply their cat’s food for their stay. Eating familiar food helps them settle faster and reduces the risk of upset stomachs. 

If you prefer Cat Royale supplies the food, there is an extra charge of $2/meal per cat.

Bedding and toys

We supply all bedding, bowls, toys and litter for your cat. 

You are very welcome to bring anything you wish from home to make your cat feel more secure when they first arrive.  If your cat requires brushing, you may like to bring their brush with them.


When your cat checks in at Cat Royale, we need to confirm their vaccinations are up-to-date (within 12 months of their stay here).

Please bring your cat’s vaccination record book when you check in.

Worms and fleas

We ask that your cat’s flea and worm treatment is up to date when they arrive. 

If we discover your cat has fleas or worms, we will happily treat your pet, and charge you for this service.

Medical emergencies

In a medical emergency, I will not hesitate to take your cat to the vet if I feel medical treatment is required.  I will endeavour to contact you (or any emergency number you supply) to advise any concerns I have and discuss the preferred course of action.  If I am unable to make contact with you, it will be at my discretion whether to take your cat to the vet.  As per Cat Royale’s terms and conditions, all vet bills are to be settled by the owner.

Cat Royale fees

Fees are charged on a per calendar day. This includes includes days of check-in and departure (unless they are collected by 9am on departure day.)

We have no set times and you are welcome to drop off and pick up your fur baby whenever suits you. Just let us know!

One cat

$ 16/day

(in a large suite for one)

Two cats

$ 22/day

(both sharing one suite)

Three cats


(all sharing one suite)

Full payment is required before your cat is collected.  This can be either by internet banking or cash.

Easter / Christmas

Bookings for the Easter period or the Christmas period (20 December – 5 January) require a 20% deposit.

Terms and conditions

You can read our terms and conditions here

Want to have a look around?

If you’d like to visit to look around before booking in your fur baby, we’d love to show you around our place.

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